Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cremation Ashes at Disneyland

"There's an epidemic of covert (human) ash-scattering at Disneyland, a practice that has spread from the Haunted Mansion to the Pirates of the Caribbean. The scatterers generally get away clean, and the human remains are subsequently cleaned away by special janitors who are charged with keeping the Park in compliance with health rules about containing particulate matter......."

Read on into the wierdness of this. Kinda artsy though. have to love what we do.


Andrew said...

bizarre. I wonder why a) someone would want their remains scattered at Disneyland and b) why there's a health code against it. Its as odd request, but doesn't seem like a big deal.

Excaliborn7 said...

In one way I agree with you. But I always thing that human ashes must have a special power, like the last remaining physical signs of something that lived for so many years. It's a little--if not a lot--unnerving, to cast--or rather, dust--the pall of real death (ghost dust) at happy Disneyland. It seems a bit perverse. But hey, maybe the deceased just always loved pirates of the caribbean. That wouldl make sense, I guess. I mean, I like certain big rivers in Rockies, and would like to have my dust spilt there when I'm gone.