Sunday, January 31, 2010

Time Warp

Watching the Sport Science videos reminded me of this one show called Time Warp, which uses HD video to slow down many different types of phenomena. Its ridiculously cool to watch some of these things in super-slow motion!
I remember watching one where they took the covering off of a lawn mower and slowed down the blade motion as they chopped through grass, a big piece of meat, and I think a watermelon, and another where they slowed down a bear trap closing on a man's arm. Its ridiculously cool:

Sport Science

I was surfing channels at the gym the other day and found Sport Science, a show which breaks down the dynamics of many different sports in really cool ways. The scientists on the show use high-tech sensors and HD cameras, as well as digitally-created simulations to analyze and measure the physics and anatomical aspects of sports. I've seen another episode where they measured the explosive power of fast-twitch muscle fibers in a football running back.

This video is about Drew Brees, and how he can throw a football accurately. The part I found most interesting begins at 5:50, where they use the sensor on the football to analyze its flight.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Levi Van Veluw

Levi Van Veluw is a photographer who takes self-portraits to a new level. Rather than merely photographing his face, he uses it as an item to transform, incorperating a new element or texture that is visually interesting.

He works by himself, creating, modeling and photographing all his own pieces. On his work, Levi Van Veluw says, “I sit in front of a mirror with several objects and ideas. That day, the process takes shape, and slowly I create a new object I find interesting.”

Although his landscape series is my personal favorite, I recomend checking out his other stuff on his website, here.

Photo of the Day

Jamie Livingston's collection of polaroids offers one of the most intimate portraits of human life I have ever seen. Beginning in 1979, he took a photo every day until his death, in 1997. Some photos have gone missing, but thousands remain. Each photo offers a glimpse into his daily life as a filmaker and musician. As the photographs progress, you feel more of a connection with the photographer. It gradually becomes evident that he has cancer. Viewers of his photos follow him through his degenerating health and subsequent wedding. After his death, his friends organized on exhibit and website using the photos, entitling it PHOTO OF THE DAY: 1979-1997. 6,697 sequential, dated photographs are exhibited.

His photos can be found here.

A Tool To Deceive and Slaughter - sold for $6350.00

 A Tool To Deceive and Slaughter received 19 bids and sold on Jan. 28 for $6350.  After the winning bidder receives it, we should soon see it again for sale on e-bay (if all goes as according to the attached contract).  I think this work and the potential stories that surround it would make a good short film/doc, tracking the course of what happens with the piece, how many times it sells, whether or not the price increases or decreases, who are the buyers, etc..  Anyone interested in making it? 

Cadillac Ranch

The picture Andrew posted in the last post reminds me of a piece in Texas by a collaborative called Ant Farm.  Perhaps you've seen it if you've ever been to Amarillo. Here is a bit from Wikipedia and a pic.

Cadillac Ranch is a public art installation and sculpture in Amarillo, Texas, U.S. It was created in 1974 by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels, who were a part of the art group Ant Farm, and it consists of what were (when originally installed during 1974) either older running used or junk Cadillac automobiles, representing a number of evolutions of the car line (most notably the birth and death of the defining feature of early Cadillacs; the tail fin) from 1949 to 1963, half-buried nose-first in the ground, at an angle corresponding to that of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.[1] The piece is a statement about the paradoxical simultaneous American fascinations with both a "sense of place" — and roadside attractions, such as The Ranch itself — and the mobility and freedom of the automobile. 

Friday, January 29, 2010


So I found this picture on Google Earth in Chapala, Mexico - I don't really know anything about but I thought that it was a really neat image.

Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

I really don't know what to say about this, except for I find it oddly enjoyable and beautiful. Most of all absurd. But there is something good going on here. Be sure to play the theme song about midway down this page (you need to scroll).
Publish Post

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kinkade Development - Idaho

Hey everyone!

Here is the link to the Kinkade development in Idaho, it has the paintings of the houses that are going to be built there and I could only access one of the floorplans but it makes it seem like the others are there too.

Con Bro Chill = Obnoxious, or Genius?

So this video has been circulating, especially within the "lax bro" sect. It's highly entertaining... and pretty well-made, too.

A Particularly Excellent Commercial

This was a tab bit of a viral video a while back, but if you haven't seen it, it is definitely very clever and worth a watch!
I have seen this about ten times, and every time I notice something new.
I challenge you to list everything you guys notice in the comments!

"You Make My Dreams" Lip Dub

Check out this lip dub from a high school in Seattle. The camera never stops filming and it was done backwards. Learning to mouth words backwards as well as organizing all these people seemed pretty logistically complicated, and it's neat how smoothly they pulled it off.

The most and least wanted songs


These links lead to songs that incorporate what participants identified as elements of songs that they loved or hated in music.
(I love how terrible they are.)

Underlip RIng

This particular body modification looks weird as can be.  Some people think this is fake, and I can see why, but I'm pretty sure this is real, and real strange.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Major Lazer- Keep It Goin' Louder

This video is way out there, and pretty fantastic.  It's like a collision of a bunch of styles and looks that come together really well to make something that feels  fresh (simple in a way and complex in a way). Low and high.  Some of the images are just amazing.  The tune is VERY catchy, which you may or may not like, but I think it's catchy in an energized sort of way.  Check it out.  What do you think?

BTW, this video was sent to me by Ben Van Donge, a Whitman student who several years ago was in Art 180.

Unhappy Hipsters

This website reminded me a little of the one Joe posted last week.  A different strategy of combining images with captions, but it's both funny and literary-ish.  I also appreciate seeing the various design shots from Dwell magazine.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In b Flat

Here is a wonderful piece of audio-visual art I was introduced to today. If someone could manage to embed the entire mosaic of Youtube videos I would be both impressed and grateful.

Your Fears Erased Here Daily

This was included as part of the 2006 Burning Man festival in Nevada... I just stumbled across this whilst looking at the Facebook event, "Tell Her She's Beautiful" (which you should also check out). I really like the concept of this. We should start one at Whitman!


As a lover of salt, labyrinth, and obsessive-compulsive Japanese art, I was of course very excited to see this incredible exhibition.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I sent this out as an email but I don't know if people got it. Anyways I thought this was a very *cute* make up tutorial, and its final results are crazayy. Lady Gaga's googley eyes. Enjoy!

i would LOVE to get a pair of these contacts/fake eyelashes for a music video!

Art That Sells Itself - A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter

We were talking about this cool piece, A Tool To Deceive and Slaughter, in art 280 on Thursday.  It's by an artist named Caleb Larsen.

On the outside it resembles a Robert Morris box. But on the inside Larsen has created a piece of software that (when hooked up to the Internet as required by contract) makes the piece put itself up for auction on e-bay automatically, until it sells itself.  The work is accompanied by an intricate contract drawn up by the artist and lawyers, to which any purchaser must adhere.  If for any reason a temporary owner ceases to abide by the contract (which you can read at the auction linked above), Caleb Larsen will no longer deem the piece an artwork.  What do you think?  Should we buy it and put it up on campus somewhere until it sells itself again?  I think that'd be real cool.

this is a robert morris box

                                                                                                                      a tool to deceive and slaughter

Living Off Craigslist

This is a really interesting project.  A great example of blending art and life, living as a kind of performance, under a set of one's own brave rules.

Here is the statement from Jason Paul, the guy behind this project.  I also really like how his blog, which details the inetersting stories behind his adventures, is formatted mimicking the look of craigslist.
check it out!

My name is Jason Paul. After graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree in communication, I attempted to pursue a “conventional” job writing for a number of publications. I applied for over 180 positions, from small papers in Lawrence, Kansas to Boulder, Colorado.
After an overwhelming swell of rejection emails, I called the conventional lifestyle quits and decided to pursue an idea of my own.

My idea? To live my life off Craigslist.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I know this is a little preachy, but it's also visually and conceptually interesting in a new genre kinda way. I just thought the 180 kids would appreciate some of the spoofs. Or you could just look at and get the same effect.

Great Ad

I saw this at the 2009 British Advertising awards at the Walker Art Center... Really well done especially when you don't know what it's about!

I don't know if anyone has seen this before

but it is funny

Jelly Donut!

Plastic bag street art

I love how Harris's creatures just look like trash until they are inflated.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Microwaving a Box of Wine

This is rather tense and powerful, and currently on a viral buzz. 
One guy in the background  is laughing pretty hard at the outcome
I have to admit I found myself laughing I wondered if that was the result stronger than they expected. Definitely caused some damage!

EMBED-Microwave Box Of Wine - Watch more free videos

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2009 Mainstream Music in 4:46

For any of you who are as interested in this new phenomenon of mash-up music, you will surely appreciate this compilation by DJ Ear Worm. Not only does he mix songs together, but he even cleverly compiled the music videos together!
Now comes the question if you think mash-ups are legitimate displays of musical talent?
Personally I think the ability to make two or more songs become one is a great skill. You have to both have the ear to know what would sound good together aesthetically, but also the lyrics have to match up, the beats, the vocals. Plus, a great understanding of computers programs in order to make the songs work the way you want them to. I think mash-ups are just as legitimate a music genre as pop or hip-hop, etc.

Here is the catchy compilation of the top 25 songs of 2009!

since Kindle, there have been a lot of useless books...

Mike Stillkey does something about it.

Print Making for the 21st Century

Expert street artist Jef Aerosol creates these loving and gorgeous portraits of rappers using a five-layer stencil method that reminds me of Chuck Close's portrait prints. Except he uses spray paint. Check out the process here -- it will blow you away.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Nic Cage Waddup!

Check this out.

The title delivers exactly what states. I don't know why but this is just another one of those low-brow internet meme that will burst into wildfire in this upcoming year. I'm calling it, "nic cage as everyone" will be the new Chuck Norris is so awesome.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sand Art

I know that this was a big hit around the Tube a while ago, but sand art has been taken to a whole new level with this amazing piece by Ukraine's Got Talent's Kseniya Simonova. She tells Ukraine's history through music and sand. It sounds a little off beat, but it is really simply amazing. It sucks you into the story of Ukraine's history, giving the performance an intense emotional charge.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What People Ask

So... this site is kinda old but it's wacky aol searches that someone leaked here's another page of earlier leakages. The same number next to the query indicates that it is the same person. It's pretty hilarious, and the tone of the searches/ refinements they make often reveal the real question these people are asking... which is usually rather frightening.

On the same note, here's a website that reveals most common searches for words/ letters that you type. The auto fill makes some great suggestions and the fact that it's google demonstrates just how many people ask ridiculous questions! enjoy

Friday, January 8, 2010

Contemporary Daydreams

Kelsey Bennett has created beautiful, haunting portraits of contemporary daydreams which redefine photography in a really new and interesting way. Please click through her site and read what she has to say about her work. Gorgeous.