Sunday, January 31, 2010

Time Warp

Watching the Sport Science videos reminded me of this one show called Time Warp, which uses HD video to slow down many different types of phenomena. Its ridiculously cool to watch some of these things in super-slow motion!
I remember watching one where they took the covering off of a lawn mower and slowed down the blade motion as they chopped through grass, a big piece of meat, and I think a watermelon, and another where they slowed down a bear trap closing on a man's arm. Its ridiculously cool:

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Excaliborn7 said...

this is pretty amazing to watch. though i must admit i am dubious of the punch in the face. it seemed an awful lot like that was manipulated using some liquify effects. look carefully at that and see what you think. even if these were amplified for effect, i think that'd be kinda cool and artistic, suspending our belief about what our eyes have seen.