Friday, January 8, 2010

Contemporary Daydreams

Kelsey Bennett has created beautiful, haunting portraits of contemporary daydreams which redefine photography in a really new and interesting way. Please click through her site and read what she has to say about her work. Gorgeous.


Sarah T said...

Not gunna lie, the first pictures I clicked on under "runaway" seemed like a big cough to lastnightsparty. i was rather dismissive of her work until I looked at her portraits, which are incredible. she really captures the individual in their element, unlike many of the portraitists I've examined recently (namely those of acquaintances). thanks for sharing, she definitely is a talented and captivating artist.

Hannah said...

I agree with Sarah, the portraits are simply amazing. I love the way she captured each person, really giving them a way to channel their emotions. Really great work, and a great find