Thursday, March 27, 2008

Personality as Art

I've always enjoyed the subject of personality as a work of art. When we say someone is "charming" it is because they have something in their nature that makes us want to be around them or watch them. Chris Crocker is a good example of somebody who has a certain energy that makes his personality interesting to me, like an engaging art work. This guy is equally incredible to me. His crazy way of expressing himself, the freedom with which he lets himself follow any impulse. It's fantastic. It's pure and uplifting and I can watch this again and again with enjoyment (plus its a good song to begin with). I'd be interested to hear what all of you think of this kind of video. What thoughts fill your head when you watch it? How does it make you feel? Please comment.


|NUggET| said...

I think this video is great. This guy is obviously a great singer and is trying really hard to sound crappy. He is funny and is capable of making so many drasticly different but entertaining and tasteful facial expressions. He kind of reminds me of Chris Tucker.

sophie said...

i guess i think this is good at first, but it gets a little tired as it keeps going. i do really like the idea, however, that one's personality can be their art. in some ways that's what stand-up comedy or improv is, you know? when you have trained your body and mind to be entertaining without having a script in front of you. this song is so good.

Excaliborn7 said...

yes yes. stand up comedy is a great example. The best stand up comics, like Dave Chapelle (IMO) are incredible artists who make their personality their medium. He writes his material, but it only comes alive through his charming style of being. Good example.