Sunday, December 7, 2008

a Britney Smorgasborg (w/ a l'il amy winehouse too

Had to post these varied versions of Britney with a couple parodies and also a sims verion. Piece of Me is a great song IMO. And Circus will catch on fast....the video is mediocre for what could be done with that kind of budget, but it still hits a lot of good notes. These high powered Britney Ballads for the new millenium def belong on culturelovesus forever.

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Jenn said...

i liked the sims one a lot. i didn't like the green background in the real britney video. it looked like someone just forgot to key it out. i also like amy winehouse as a man... it really worked well. my roomate was her for halloween. she is such a cartoon. she basically wears a costume.