Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Polygon Mona Lisa

So I ran into this website pretty randomly. Now keep in mind, I have NO knowledge of programing at all so for all I know this could be made up completely. Whether this is real or not it still brings up some interesting thoughts. The idea that a work of art of that prestige could be created by a computer with a few lines of code is bizarre. Obviously it lacks something that only a human touch could give it, but interesting nonetheless.

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Troy said...

quote from that website:

"0) Setup a random DNA string (application start)

1) Copy the current DNA sequence and mutate it slightly
2) Use the new DNA to render polygons onto a canvas
3) Compare the canvas to the source image
4) If the new painting looks more like the source image than the previous painting did, then overwrite the current DNA with the new DNA
5) repeat from 1"

although i'm not a programmer that is such an amazingly simple concept. it reminds me of the robotics documentary we watched in class, where they were talking about how a truly alive robot would have to learn from experience and program itself. a program that utilizes trial and error is doing that in a very basic way. very cool.