Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kelly... once again, love it!

I think this video is awesome as an understatment. It was the first "Kelly" video I saw, so it might be one of the reasons I am prone to say it's my favorite. The song is so catchy and the beat works so well with the video. I think the changing colors and angles throughout the video really complete the music video/fashion show motif. It's so pop culture and I love it! Also, though I hate to admit it because it seems very silly, I feel a strange but real connection with Kelly in this video. I have a twin and the birthday thing was always like that! My mom always thought my twin was so great and it seemed as if she always got the better present and I would get some random object because my mom didn't know much about my interests or something. Granted the relationship became better over time, and now it's great, but there were a few years there where all I wanted to do after a birthday was go spend money on clothes or shoes, but couldn't because I was stuck in Wallowa!!

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