Friday, October 19, 2007

baby fights cobra

This video has perhaps the most visual tension of any I have seen on Youtube. The diametrically opposed forms of the baby and the snake are accentuated by the utter contrast of their movements. Also, listening to the voices of the parents (?) creates a surreal and troubling atmosphere that brought to mind both the otherworldly and "laughtrack" ideas for our upcoming projects. Aside from sheer anxiety at the images, the most interesting aspect of this video for me is the child's motivation and perisistence. The video seems to captivate the viewer while raising questions while altering expectations.


Anonymous said...

this is terrifying.

Excaliborn7 said...


This is nuts. Any idea why this is done, or why the cobra doesn't seem to actually be biting the child? While still strikingat it?
Makes my heart flutter. Very tense and intense...and, dare I say it. Poetic.