Friday, January 23, 2009

Internet Humor's Utlimate Source

If you follow this link here,, you will be whisked away into the Internet's largest image posting site, and the place that brought you LOLcats, Rick Rolling, and many other phenomena. You'll also see a lot of crap that isn't funny, and may run into a porn post every now again, but that's how it goes on the world wide web.

Also, if this 4chan thing seems a little confusing, you can check out the Encyclopedia Dramatica at This is the Encyclopedia of the Internet, and a great place to read up about web humor and how it's all related.

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Anne Ominous said...

4chan pretty much frightens me...anything and everything is on that site and it's difficult to navigate it without coming across something you really, really don't want to see. In my opinion, anyway; I might just be more squeamish than most.

Also in my experience it can change people's sense of humor, for example. One of my friends discovered 4chan (specifically b, which is even more frightening), and his sense of humor went a little dark/twisted/base and I much prefer him pre-chan... Again that's an issue that relies on just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.

I certainly can't deny that a lot of the prominent internet memes were born there, which makes it a pretty interesting social institution/entity in and of itself.