Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Neistat Brothers - Goldfish

Hard to watch but equally hard to look away at the same time. I like these guys, if you haven't checked out Neistat Brothers then you should right now.


nĂ³mada said...

Holy shit that was epic. Like a mountain dew commercial, ER and the holocaust all rolled into one neat little package. And the mountain dew kind of looked like urine. Bodily fluids are always a plus.

Jenn said...

it reminded me of when my chem teacher froze a goldfish with liquid nitrogen and then brought it back to life... only more sad.

Excaliborn7 said...

Man, that really got me too. The draining of the water with a turkey baster made me drift into thinking about the sinking the sustenance drains, people can become so desperate and helpless, like the goldfish here. But I think nomada also put it pitch perfect: md commercial, ER, and the holocaust in one. That is epic.
It also kept me in suspense truly as to what was coming next. It's not a super short piece, but as you say, you have to get to the end of it. You just can't not do that.