Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bubb Rubb is hilarious. I think the whistle tip is pretty funny as well. It seems like the commercialized version of Allora And Calzadilla's "Returning a sound" piece where they stuck a trumpet in the exhust pipe of a motorbike.


sophie said...

the first time i saw this i was living in chicago last fall and we discussed it in my race class... i guess there's some speculation that choosing to interview those people kind of heightens the whole minstrelsy idea that some people feel has fallen back into fashion with shows like "flavor of love." i don't know what i think. my roommate and i laughed.

Excaliborn7 said...

It's kinda funny how when they show a clip of Bubb Rubb and L'il Sis demoing a lwhistle tip muffler, they don't realy make any noise in the clip, but they do show a car swerving around the street at high speed like it's being driven by a maniac.