Saturday, February 2, 2008

Frozen Grand Central

This is an awesome large-scale piece by Improv Everywhere, involving 207 actors freezing in mid-action in NYC's Grand Central Station for five minutes. The video captures the reaction of viewers, which range from mildly annoyed, to shocked, to amazed. Check it out.


sophie said...

that's SO COOL. i saw improv everywhere do something similar where they got like 200 guys to take off their shirts and then enter an abercrombie and fitch... which was a snarkier idea, but the outcome of this is just so much cooler. i wish i could have been a part of that.

Excaliborn7 said...

I like thisa lot too. They first did the exact same thing inside a home depot stire and the resulting video documentation got a lot of viewership. Here I feel a little bit like "how many times can you pull off the same event and have it still be fresh?" But what I do I like a lot about this is the new and different way in which they documented the event. It's very well cut together, the still poses are fantastic, and the charged environment of grand central station seems to me an ideal canvas for this kind of public performance.

ziploQ said...

this is such an interesting idea. as i was watching it i kept wondering what i would do if i ever saw this happen, it's just so ridiculous and was well done. i thought it was funny how the guy had call in over his radio to say that he couldn't get through because people were frozen!