Monday, February 22, 2010

Hmm.. suggestive? Also, this reminded me of Gollum from lord of the rings- we had talked about him because of the interesting use of opposite-greenscreen for his character. I bet these animals were computer generated, but would it make it more realistic if their movements were actually generated by a human being?


Linnea said...

This is really interesting. I can tell it's European; I feel like here in America a commercial like this would never be allowed on air. While we're heading towards more lenient rules on sexuality in mass media, Europe is a loooot more relaxed than here!

Robyn said...

That is the creepiest ad I have ever seen.

I remember being super peeved that the penguins in Happy Feet had breasts. I find it really obnoxious that human beings have decided that giant boobs are the only possible signifier of femininity.


Excaliborn7 said...

I love that.
That is the best most enjoyable commercial I have seen all week. It's weird and funny and scary and alive and i was ready to buy an orangina at the end. whew!