Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Please Rob Me

Okay, so no one ever thought that the Internet would or could be used to do only good.
But what do you think about this?  A site dedicated to aggregating tweets from people who have just tweeted about leaving their homes, proposing itself as an information source for would be robbers to move in for a safe strike.  Kinda effed up, no?  Or, maybe this can be seen as raising social awareness about just how senseless it is to tweet your location for no reason at all.  Go to the site and click on "why" to read their reasoning.  Either way, I'm afraid it's hard to deny the ingenuity.

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Claire Ostwald said...

After reading the why section, I can see that the creator may be well-intentioned, but I think the idea is too dangerous for good intentions to absolve the site from the blame when someone does get robed after seeing the opportunity via their site. Although tweeting your location does make you susceptible to being robbed, this site makes you more susceptible, and I don't think it's necessary to put people at risk just to prove a point.

As a side note, I looked at this site yesterday, but today when I click the link there is a server error. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or permanent shut down, but I can't say I'd be disappointed if they decided to close the site.