Monday, December 7, 2009

Pagan Poetry

I like Bjork. A lot of people don't like her music, but this piece is actually much more focused on her performance and uses lyrics, tone, rhythm and her body to really drive home her point. I find this clip to be sensual, violent and effective. It reminds me of a poem my core class had to read by Sappho about desire as a sweetbitter pain:
Now Love, the ineluctable, with bitter sweetness
Fills me, overwhelms me, and shakes my being.

Here are the lyrics in case you cannot understand her:
She loves him, she loves him
And he makes me want to hurt myself again
She loves him, she loves him
She loves him, she loves him
And he makes my want to hand myself over

Also, some of you may not want to watch this if you are easily disturbed.... I don't want to say more without ruining the tension but... it is not for everyone.

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Hannah said...

If you watch this video without sound, her facial expressions change from pain to some sort of crazed joy which I think weaves in with her love and heart ache. She is screaming from her heartbreak, and the crazed joy is from the feeling of the piercing her body and the release of heartache in personal mutilation. It's intense in emotion and tense with the combination of lyrics, delirium, and human suffering.