Sunday, December 6, 2009

James Franco Interviews Marina Abramovic

I really like both James Franco and Marina Abramovic (who is sometimes referred to now as the "grandmother  of performance art").  So needless to say I find this pairing for an interview (filmed as Abramovic instructs Franco on how to make an edible golden ball of peeled almonds and crushed cardamom pods) to be, well, fantastic.  Abramovic is a sort of sage.   I think anyone (artist or not) could learn a lot from her... and I see her as one of the bravest people I've ever known about.  In this interview she says two profound things:

1. the studio is the worst place for an artist to be today


2. no one has ever been transformed doing things that they like

...and she says it with her charmingly classic eastern European accent.

Don't not watch this or read the subsequent article that Franco wrote after the taping!(posted by me yesterday)
Do enjoy!

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Sidney said...

Abramovic is so charming! There are several other things that she said that really got me about her work and performance art in general:

1. that art isn't in the studio, it's in the body

and 2. that everything is part of the piece because you can't predict it.

I also felt that hearing her talk about this as well as her evident spirituality really helped me grasp her work a little better.

I was a little distracted by the fact that they were making that dessert though. And though I enjoyed the article itself and didn't find Franco's writing too bad, he does come off as a bit moronic in this video with his big awe-struck eyes and gaping mouth. But hey, maybe he was truly star struck.