Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dockers...the world needs its MEN back!

"Somewhere along the way, the world decided it no longer needed men!" Docker's new ad campaign is essentially claiming that in order to be a man you must wear khakis. Once all men own a pair of Docker's khakis, the world will be restored of its heros and once again old women will not have to cross the street alone. Apparently its causing quite a controversy.

My question: what is wrong with advertisement and what makes them make such HUGE and HORRIBLE claims that are overly offensive??!

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Hannah said...

A part of me just wants to get all flustered and angry that Dockers thinks it's ok to subjugate women and single out men as the only one's who should wear the pants, but I can't tell if this ad is serious or not. I mean, in a time where women have come close to breaking the chains of inequality, does dockers really think it's right to bring back true manly-men? Or are they utilizing dead-pan tactics in order to get people to recognize Dockers again as a vital brand name.
I honestly think this is probably just an ad to get people to think about their name, to have conversations about Dockers around the dinner table, and eventually forget why they were talking about Dockers and just go out and buy a whole bunch of their clothing. I think it's a great marketing scheme!