Monday, December 7, 2009

PostSecret Video

Pretty much speaks for itself. While this idea isn't necessarily "new," it's still captivating. Is it art?


Hannah said...

The thing I like about this piece is how honest people are. I think thie piece could be considered art, but not just because it is a beautiful piece about truth and secrets. The camera work makes this piece as successful as it is, I think. The color's are brilliant which makes me focus on what's happening on screen even more. With the use of the lens going in and out of focus there is a sense of going in and out of focus of people's lives as they hesitate to share their secret and then finally telling their secret.
It's a really beautiful piece, but I think the art part of it comes from the camera work and exploiting people's secrets. I also purely liked the scene of the man and then woman telling each other their secrets about the other. It creates the tension of the video and gives it a little more weight.

Zoey said...

This reminds me of projects that have been done in our Arts 180 class. Filming people, asking them to reveal a part of themselves, and then compiling it all together into a nice complete piece. I agree that the camera work is beautifully done, the bright colorful images, the going in and out of focus. I think the music fits very nicely as well. Overall, I really enjoyed this piece and thought it was great how honest people were. The ending message really is that every human has a hidden secret.