Monday, March 15, 2010

Chatroulette Improv

Going along with our discussion about using chatroulette as a performance venue: This IS AWESOME! I want to go on just to try and run into this guy.


Robyn said...

I wish I was good at improv.
I feel like if I was a member of Varsity Nordic I would feel compelled to use ChatRoulette as some form of warm-up.

Excaliborn7 said...

This made me SO happy. I love this guy. His ability to riff is genius ad this idea is too.
I could watch this as a reality show.
In fact, I think i'm going to pitch a reality show in this pianoimprov format, or some such similar framework, right off of chatroulette. I think it'd go over. I really do, so let's see. Great post

Robyn said...