Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mini-Doc on Chat Roulette

There has been a lot of talk and craze about lately.  I went on there last night for the first time, and it left me with a bunch of thoughts.  After that I did a bit of Internet searching for related documents and observations, and I found this interesting little mini-doc, which I would say quite accurately sums up my experience.  The maker of this doc wisely compares the experience of males and females on the site, and makes a finding that doesn't surprise me.  Chack it out for yourself, and for those of you that use chatroulette yourself, what are your thoughts?
BTW, despite the predictable equations of interaction here, this site does present some amazing potential to throw a wrench in the norm and do some wacky creative stuff.

chat roulette from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.


Robyn said...

I was probs watching that video at the same time as you. I watched it prior to going on chatroulette for the first time, also last night.
It is a really interesting cultural phenomenon. I am very uncertain about how I feel about it.

Robyn said...

I'm wishing I went on when I was painted green, though.

Excaliborn7 said...

yes this would definitely be a good activity to do while painted entirely green!, or, I could imagine getting even crazier with your "sudden" appearance to a stranger. As a class we should talk about what is possible for various types of chatroulette interventions and disruptions. Reading up on all the performance art material I handed out on Tuesday (180ers) should help you get started thinking about all that.