Thursday, January 17, 2008


The British government has approved an experiment which will create the first animal/human hybrid embryo. Scientists will study the embryo, which will be 99.9% human, and .01% cow, to gain a better understanding of debilitating conditions like Parkinson's disease (and presumably, mad cow disease):

Read about it.

In the future, this will surely be new genre art. Like... rather than Duschamp-esque installations, we'll be combining the DNA of human beings and muskrats or something like that.

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Excaliborn7 said...

I can't help chuckling at the idea of an organism that's 99.9% human and .01% cow. How would the bit of cow manifest itself in the organism? But I completely agree that this portends the future. The future for stem cell research and disease prevention, also for entertainment, pet production, and just newness itself. If we view animal flesh for the raw material that it is, than it seems to me only natural and logical that we would use science/technology to make any creative combination we wish. What kind of animal combo would you make?