Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pictures in the Sand

This is amazing. The artistic talent that you would need in order to achieve this sort of efftect is unbelievable. I found myself wanting more at the end and I'm sure many of you have seen this sort of thing before, but it is truly mind blowing.


Excaliborn7 said...

Indeed I have seen a bunch of these videos before, but they do manage to wow me each time. Here I especially like how drawings are not wiped clean, but just transformed into the next drawing. I also like how the sand is sometimes splashed down so similarly to paint itself. This is really a special way of image making which has become well known largely through sharing on the internet. Music here is also powerful. Part cheese and part drama, but that combo - to me at least - is good.

|NUggET| said...

Mazing. This is a medium widely used and shown online now thanks to the powers of the Internet. It is amazing what one can do with minimal materials. This concept probably arose from a simple idea like children drawing on sand at the beach. Cool