Sunday, January 27, 2008


READ THIS BEFORE YOU WATCH!!! Ok so this video will totally make me look like a racist if you don't understand the background. The character in this movie created this and about 3 or four others that are similar. The idea is that he takes on these various sterotypes of black people and is trying to show the world how ridiculous they are. So there is definate foul languse, but if you start watching with an open mind knowing its supposed to be a joke, you'll find it very difficult to keep yourself from laughing the entire time. I just wanna state that I am not affiliated with this video, and I do not support any of the comments said in this movie. Its a JOKE, its only a joke.

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Excaliborn7 said...

I have seen this before and must admit I find it funny as hell. It goes beyond cliche into over the top realms that are just plain entertaining and slightly unexpected. One has to admit there is pleasure in watching anyone who speaks with this kind of focus and emotion, whatever--or however--that is brought across. My favorite line: "I went downstairs and made myself a sandwich with some MAYONNAISE!" Original stuff.

This has also become a viral online piece with very wide viewership.