Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Is it their image, or their music?

The Horrors are a UK band that seem to have been getting a lot of coverage recently. Some criticize them for being more concerned about their "look" with their big hair and tight, black skinny jeans than their music, described by these critics as random noise. Others claim that they are the next Sex Pistols. The band members themselves claim that they are about making the music they want to listen to and have no aspirations to ever become so big that they are ever caught playing in a stadium full of people. They allow the audience to do as they please at their shows- apparently one fan even stuck his/her hand down the back of the lead singer's pants while the band was performing. His comment on this was simply that he would prefer that not happen, because it is "kind of gross," while at the same time he is not going to stop one from doing it.

So is it their image or their music that has had the most influence on their growing popularity? 

Another music video of The Horrors, "Sheena Is A Parasite," was allegedly banned from MTV- I could not find a clear reason as to why. I did not post it because I found this one much more interesting, but if you're curious you can check it out yourself.

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