Monday, April 21, 2008

artist raped on a walk of world peace

The article on the rape and murder of a female italian performance artist, on a trek for world peace can be found at this URL:
I think it is another striking performance but in the way that it was changed, and in a sad, very twisted way, it helped move her message further around the world, touched more people, and started a huge discussion about her work and ideas.


sophie said...

it's very sad. unfortunately, this is going to bring a lot less attention to art and a lot more attention to how dangerous it is to hitchhike. which is too bad because i continue to really enjoy to hitchhike.

Excaliborn7 said...

The world is such a brutal place in so many of its corners. This is a very sad story. It's very charged with symbolism when one considers the wedding dress outfits, the hitch-hiking mode of transport, and the religious-political context. It's like some sort of modern tragic fairy tale, only real. I appreciate the post here, since otherwise I'm not sure I would have heard about it.