Sunday, April 20, 2008

Designing the news

Reformatting the way information is typically displayed is cool. The news is cool. Typography is cool. New approaches to infographics and other typical news design staples are really cool. The site Designing The News tackles these issues in a beautiful way. More from its about page:
News in general is primarily a text based format. When accompanied by an image, the image serves to reinforce the story, but what if the news was the image? DTN is about bridging the gap between traditional cartoonists and modern day generative news visualisations.
Anyway. Browse around, most of the recent experiments involve The Guardian, its pretty cool stuff.


sophie said...

i think this is fascinating. it asks us to pay attention to the news as a possible art form. how can we look at the information we get every day and interpret it or distort it to turn it into something else? this guy has some really complicated and beautiful ideas. fuck him for being my age, though. i might as well give up now.

Dave Bowker said...

^^ :D