Saturday, April 19, 2008

Santiago Sierra - 2006 installation in German synagogue

Santiago Sierra is known for his provocative performances, which have included paying refugees from Chechenia to remain inside cardboardboxes, giving money to young Cubans for the priviledge of tattooing their backs, dying the hair of Africans blonde to make them look European, and spraying 10 Iraqis immigrant workers with insulating foam. But the Spanish artist provoked outrage among Jewish groups in Germany yesterday with his latest installation - a homemade gas chamber set up in a former synagogue.

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sophie said...

This is really disturbing to me, but like the Yale student project, forces us to talk about things that are difficult but so necessary to talk about. Being confronted with the most uncomfortable and awful aspects of our history is the only way we can continue to make progress. I think any contribution to conversations about tough topics is positive.