Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chris Crocker's Catch 22

I think Chris Crocker is pretty amazing. Yes, he's egotistical and flamboyant, but he's also talented and creative and expressive as can be. The public - his lovers and the haters - have definitely responded to him. That fact makes this video particularly interesting. Listen to the story he tells about the deal he says he's gonna turn down. He raises a relevant point - a true catch 22 - about style, personality, expression, and cursing. He also stands behind it. It will be fascinating to see where Chris Crocker ends up in the future, whether he just disappears or hits it big. Check it out.


ziploQ said...

he brings up a good point when he says that it is wrong for them to ask him to be himself yet set regulations on that, and i agree that without chris crocker being able to speak however he wants, it would not be the same. many people would take the money and compromise themselves, and i respect the fact that he is willing to give that up and continue doing videos for free so that he can be free to say what he wants.

sophie said...

yeah, it's just that of course networks aren't going to let him cuss. because that's what networks do. i think chris crocker will sell out if they shell out enough money. i don't know if they will, though, because some people might think that chris crockers are a dime a dozen. maybe they are. who knows. but you're right, there's definitely something very engaging about him.

Excaliborn7 said...

I don't think Chris Crocker's are a dime a dozen. Unlike the majority of fearfully inhibited passive conformists, he is immensely creative and full of charisma, bravado, humor, and even wisdom. He inspires and entertains people, and the views of his videos prove that, as he himself states, he's "steering the ship." (proves it to me, at least). I challenge anyone who poo poos his skill to get 153 million views on youtube. That is a feat and not something anyone can just decide to do.
All that said, I still have no real idea whether or not he'll sink or swim. My guess though would be that he's kind of cutting edge and fearless, so I would imagine we'll see something more of him, and that in short time his celebrity might grow. Check back in a year or so.