Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Time-based prints

Oscar Diaz bridges the gap between time-based media and print in his calendar and plant projects. I'm not quite sure how this works (some kind of hydraulic system to get the ink moving, but how does he control where it goes? I see an embossed path, but how does that keep the ink in line?) but as a lover of print who is getting into time-based works, this is pretty sweet.


sophie said...

THIS IS SO EFFING COOL. When you first showed it to me I was completely blown away, and I continue to be. I have no idea what gave him the idea to do this, but it looks great. I'd LOVE to get that Christmas card, right?

Excaliborn7 said...

I would guess that he keeps the ink in line by creating an empty pocket that demarks the texts. like a plastic overlay that is ironed on with airholes, the way a packaged item might be sealed to a cardboard backing. Then he simply fills in the pocket from one opening into which he pumps the ink. Cool idea. And nice looking website as well.