Monday, November 10, 2008

The Evolution of insanity

I found a really interesting article on the Time Magazine website talking about a recent study that shows a connection between current events in the past 100 years and the delusions of the mentally ill. its pretty bizarre that the nature of insane people's paranoid delusions change over time.

"Today's schizophrenic may believe that terrorists are beaming radio transmissions into his brain; 50 years ago, however, Communists were the culprits. And a century ago, before radio was invented, it might have been a simple case of "hearing voices." In a paper published last spring, three Slovenian psychiatrists examined the ways in which insanity has historically manifested itself, and whether "crazy" has always been the same.",8599,1857325,00.html

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Jenn said...

this seems obvious to me. crazy people live in the same world we do. it reminds me of bubba ho tep... with the black JFK and the elvis.