Friday, November 7, 2008

Spitzer Space Telescope

I guess this is a shameless plug for my friend Dan MacDonald... but I actually think he makes great art. He is the sole member of the band Spitzer Space Telescope and he is a Fine Arts major at Boston University... and I think he paints portraits on commission. His music is high energy, rock, folk, magic. I would love to use his music in a film/video some time. very narrative, very visual, very timed and timeless at the same time. At you can watch a 1/2 hour special from a local TV station in boston. I included a video that he posted on youtube but there are better ones out there. this has a good one: if you like him you can be friends on facebook or myspace.

what do you guys think? So many influences, both musical and not. Stories, movies, music, history, mythology, politics... love, life...
I think his music could lend itself to interesting projects.

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Jenn said...

well, i think he's cool.