Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lava Sculpture and EEOOY

So I have two things for you guys tonight. One is just plain awesome, the other is really weird.

So for awesome I give you sculpting with lava right out of a volcano!

And now we have something called EEOOY or "Each and Every One Of You"

At first I thought it was a joke, but it seems to be a television program (a little dated by the looks of their hardware) based around making contemporary installation art. This is called the "weirdness installation" episode. I guess this was a cult classic in Canada and Spain. It was designed to poke fun at the television artist showing you how to draw silly landscapes. It is split into two different segments, stay tuned to both halves if you can make it.


Matt Basner said...

The image of the molten rock still glowing within the hardening mold is AMAZING.

Jenn said...

wow, Canadians are great. that was supremely weird... I think the TV show is much more interesting than what they were making.