Monday, November 24, 2008

The Red Balloon (1956)

Written and Directed by: Albert Lamorisse
Starring: Pascal Lamorisse (his son)

This is a short film (34 min.) about a boy who sort of befriends a Red Balloon. Other people try to catch the balloon and hurt it. I think it is a political allegory but I'm not sure exactly what it all means yet. It is very fun to watch aside from the metaphors. It is beautiful and clever and very interesting to think about in terms of reality vs. filmed reality and how to make and think about special effects. It seems like the kind of film/video someone might make for this assignment.

Elliot Smith's "Son of Sam" and Damion Rice's "9 Crimes" videos were based on this film... and probably lots of other stuff too. haha.


Troy said...

i think i saw that movie in pre-school, i heard later that it is a an allegory for religion, and i found this quote about it on wikipedia:

In a review in The Washington Post, critic Philip Kennicott had a cynical view of the film, and wrote, "[The film takes] place in a world of lies. Innocent lies? Not necessarily. The Red Balloon may be the most seamless fusion of capitalism and Christianity ever put on film. A young boy invests in a red balloon, the love of which places him on the outside of society. The balloon is hunted down and killed on a barren hilltop–think Calvary–by a mob of cruel boys. The ending, a bizarre emotional sucker punch, is straight out of the New Testament. Thus is investment rewarded–with Christian transcendence or, at least, an old-fashioned Assumption. This might be sweet. Or it might be a very cynical reduction of the primary impulse to religious faith."

but i just thought is was a good movie back then.

Jenn said...

see... i knew it was about something... lol