Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sound of Music - Antwerp Train Station

This is the latest public organized train station dance intervention, The Sound of Music in the Antwerp, Belium train station. It's a pretty good many people and fitting for the season, too! Enjoy!


clubbrb said...

This would be so easy and AMAZING to do! I especially love the people who appear to be watching for awhile and as awestruck as the rest of the bystanders, until THEY jump in and join the chorus line! So good.

LizAlden said...

YES! I love seemingly spontaneous musical numbers in public spaces. This is one of my faves:

Strugglebucket said...

Wow, I definitely didn't check the blog before running off to post this just hours later...well done, Mallory. I LOVE flash mobs, and the musicals are always fun. This is one of the largest I've seen and they pulled it off so well!