Sunday, April 12, 2009

Super Chameleon!

Wild. Do you think this is real or fake? I have no idea how chameleons really do their thing. Is it this quick and precise? Either way it's an amazing video. Any of you reptilian experts out there?


LizAlden said...

this is really cool! I wasn't sure if they could actually change color that fast so I did some detective work. On the Toxic Junction blog, user QCSabotage said "Chameleons do not reflect their environment. They change colors based on how they feel, (scared, territorial, calm, hungry and so on), light and temperature. It is an evolutionary trait that causes the colors they usually (really) are to be between browns, greens and grey."

But it is very very well done in some program and a sweet video for sure.

Strugglebucket said...

It's incredible. I kind of wish it were biologically possible, if only for the fact I would then buy one explicitly for the purpose of making these kinds of videos (put one on a Twister mat!). Okay, also for companionship, but still. That would be a pretty awesome side-benefit.

Erin Brady said...

I think the idea of this video is very cool. The progression of the same object changing colors is interesting. It would be interesting to see this idea with people in contrast.