Monday, April 13, 2009


watch the video on this site, it is a great statement about people taking time from their busy get-from-a-to-b-as-fast-as-possible lives.

plus, it's a great idea for a final project--or maybe a little like the last project we did, trying to get a reaction/cooperation from the public.


Tyler said...

this site is great - charming and provocative. Seeing the humanity and kindness in strangers evoked by a little cardboard robot is quite a graceful social gesture.

Excaliborn7 said...

Oh man I think this is friggin' totally genius. I really enjoyed reading about the project. Great and really exciting stuff.

kristen schaffer said...

This is really brilliant. Great artist statement and lovely videos. Probably one of the cutest great pieces of art I have seen in a while. It's lovely to see people helping out. I think something along this line would be a great final project.