Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hey, it's like Winnie the Pooh, except these guys aren't totally sad. I think people respond well to these panhandling performers because they can connect with the characters, and maybe find it less awkward/intimidating because they are familiar.


Tyler said...

This is really cool - something I would love to run in to. I do wonder how successful they actually are wearing those costumes. Also to my vulgar ear they sound pretty darn good. It got me thinking about if people graduate from places like Juilliard and end up doing stuff like this. Maybe I should just go to their myspace.

Jonathan said...

Tyler - That's funny...I actually did go to Juilliard...although I don't think they feature us in their alumni newsletter.

So glad you enjoyed this video! -- come check us out April 30th at Rockwood (midnight) in the E. Village if you're a local New Yorker.

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