Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Here is a video that relates to 280's most recent project. We read a live streaming feed of twitter posts based on any word that we searched for. Our favorite was Douchebag.

It seems they are tired of being put in a bad light.


Excaliborn7 said...

that was completely hilarious, and very well done. taking back the a f***kin mint. douchebag solidarity. this really made me's not a bad word anymore.

Sidney said...

the stereotypes here were so spot-on. i thought this was truly and intelligently hilarious. way to be, douchebags.

Tessa said...

Haha... I thought this was hilarious, and I agree with Sidney about the accurate portrayal of douchebag stereotypes. I really liked the epic music that played in the background and the camera work was also done really well, so that overall it felt like a professionally made clip for an important cause when really, it was just silly.

Zoey said... hilarious. I haven't seen something this funny for a long time. I agree with everyone else about the stereotypes being spot on. The look all the men had really was "douchebag" ish. It puts on such a funny light to this word. Pretty great!