Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Youtube is Dying

So another video by our favorite mayne Mr. Chi City. If you feel that you're tired of this guy take notice that this video is four days old. It has earned over 285,000 hits so far. And to further entice you this post takes the charm and personality of "Mr. Chi City" and uses it to tackle some more interesting issues like the relation between youtube and google as a corporate entity and more importantly the types of control that youtube has on its posted videos.

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Excaliborn7 said...

Very interesting. This video is extremely informative and strange. The fact that chi city never shows his face is strange, and strangely (or brilliantly) effective. i read through some of the comments on the youtube page for this vid. some people smartly point out that it matters not whether any of this is true or not. he is trying to create controversy and raise his own number of views and subscribers. it doesn't really matter to me what he's doing (and maybe he is actually doing both) because i enjoyed his work. i did disagree with his bold statement that a one minute video is too limited for content. that seems ridicuous to me.
cool post also for the way it contrasts (and harmonizes) with the other chi city videos posted on here.