Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From Rap to Romance

As we all know, Lil John has had some great chart-topping hits in the past couple years and has been making music for close to ten years. However, as Lil John gets older and more wiser, he has adapted his business ventures to better match his tastes. For this, America's favorite rapper has turned a more romantic cheek to Lil Jonathan's Winery. There's not a lot to the site, but I thought it was interesting how he has felt the need to broaden his horizons and how he did so. Most artists that attempt to add to their repertoire do so in acting or creating a fragrance, but not Lil John. Maybe it speaks to his creativity, or maybe it speaks to his greater desire to exploit the American people for more of their money. What do you think?


Excaliborn7 said...

I think this is great. L'il Jon starting a winery is truly unexpected, and that makes me more interested in him beyond just the yeah-yah rapper persona he projects. We expect rap and beer, rap and weed, etc. but not rap and wine. rap and wine is a little like rap with poor people who need a goat, if you think about it. unexpected combinations that make you think about possibilities and previous assumptions. i say bravo for breaking those stereotypes. And I definitely would want to try lil jonathans wine. cool post.

Zoey said...

I agree that this is quite a unexpected approach that L'il Jon is taking. However, I feel like this is just another one of the ways famous people use their fame to exploit the American people and put their name on a product. Vitamin water, fragrances, clothing lines etc. have all been done so I guess wine is next.

Sydney said...

I think it is an interesting turn in his career and a drift away from expectations. Most artists in his field turn to hard A and clothing lines to further their profits, but I'm almost excited for Lil Jon and his new winery. I think its a neat move and a more arty way to expand his fan base..