Thursday, March 5, 2009

atheists nightmare

My friend showed me this last night, and I thought it was really funny. There are a bunch of responses and original videos on YouTube that create a hilarious dialogue between depictions of the same thing.

There is another one about peanut butter that is pretty entertaining as well.


Jenn said...

i've heard that bananas are very radio active and can make you radioactive for the time they r in your body. one won't do much but after about 6 u get pretty radio active.

i have had years of religion classes and in high school they started showing these kind of anti-evolution and apologetics (ways to explain religion and counter arguments) and it always bothered me. I am proud to say that the Catholic church doesn't actually deny evolution (yes, i know the Catholic church sucks, whatever). I've always thought telling people these weird little tricks to argue and counter argue is not a good idea because it makes people terrible listeners. When people are "educated" in the way of arguing they are always too busy coming up with a counter attack to actually listen to the other person's point of view.

so basically, i don't care for videos like the original God one or this counter video. I think they are both too busy telling people what to think with small examples and not enlightening people with new ideas and encouraging actual reflection. I don't think this video was very funny... maybe if Jon Stewart had done it.

Excaliborn7 said...

All directive messages aside, I found this video to be hilarious. The setting, the premise, the overall context in which I'm watching it. "It's the perfect size for the human mouth." "It's even curved to head towards it, and comes with it's own natural tab like a soda pop." It's also ironic that when we think of bananas, we think of monkeys, which is the last thing devoutly religious people would want to think of themselves as. I think that a video like this, which is sincere and strange (this combo actually makes it funny I think) can inspire a lot of ideas for other creations. So here's what I suggest. Go make a set of videos about why your 10 favorite foods are exactly perfect creations. M and M's are perfect. Oranges are perfect. Kecthup from the wide top squeeze bottle is perfect. Nectarines are perfect. Raw suhi grade ahi is perfect. Swedish fish are perfect. Sweet White early summer corn is perfect. Mangoes are perfect. And also, miso and green tea and brussel sprouts. I think that's more than ten. This would make a good suite of works. But be serious and don't make fun.

Excaliborn7 said...

I'll add that I don't care much about the fact that this video is trying to discount what is proposed in the original "perfect banana" piece. That does bore me. It's the original piece that I appreciate (and I would have appreciated it the same, I think, without the counter). Believe it or not it does invade my head and makes me reflect, even while I take no real stand on to be or not to be religious.

LizAlden said...

I didn't mean this to be an attack on the Catholic Church in any way. I have no problem with it actually, and I don't think the Catholic church "sucks" at all. I posted the video because I liked the counter arguments, I thought they were stupid and funny, and it made me laugh. I had no other agenda, and I also think the purpose of these videos is not to encourage reflection, I didn't take it to be a serious critique. Sorry it offended you so much, Jenn. That was definitely not my intention in putting it up.

in response to Ben--I think pop-tarts are the perfect food. They are "good to go".

pink pen said...

Dear God,

I've been meaning to thank you for the tab on the top of my Banana. I very much appreciate when the contents don't squirt in my face.

Take care.


Jenn said...

i didn't think you were attacking anyone/thing by posting this, i was just talking about what it made me think of.

i just saw both videos as failures, but i'm glad they helped some people think about anything. I just didn't think they were funny (not that i thought they were offensive or something like that).