Sunday, March 8, 2009


Ok, so here's the deal: Two complete strangers are both trying to darken the New York sky for 1 minute in Times Square and for 15 blocks in Inwood. They want to show people who have never seen the stars what they are missing. What an amazing thing to do. I really hope it is realized, it would have such a huge impact on hundreds of people. Perspectives on life would change.
They have to get permission from the city and all the landlords in Times Square. Wow, tall order.


Anonymous said...

This is a pretty fantastic idea... I'm from a town small enough I can distance myself from it by going up on top of a nearby hill-posing-as-mountain and see the stars clearly. I've never actually been in a city big enough so as I'd notice not being able to see the stars, but it's sad to think there are probably those who don't even think to because of where they live.

How cool would it be to find people like this on sidewalks, with telescopes and the enthusiasm to want to share it?

Erin Brady said...

I think that if the idea is successful it will be even more amazing than the idea itself. I cannot imagine a place so constantly busy and trying to make money would do this even for 15 minutes. However, I hope that I am surprised!

coop said...

I remember a few years ago when the power to most of the east coast went out. There were many people who saw the stars for the first time then as well.

I remember one of the coolest things about it was seeing the pictures of the blackout from space and there being big, black gaps where there should have been millions of lights.