Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lucy Orta

So I was going to follow up my comment on that inflatable trash bag art with a post on Lucy Orta.  However, upon navigating to her site just now, I found that Lycos webhosting has gone under, so it looks like she doesn't have a website right now.  However, I scrounged some images and links to use instead.

Lucy Orta combines clothing with habitation to make political/social statements.  She calls her works 'Refuge Wear', and I think they are pretty provocative.  They provide personal, self-contained environments to give people independent well-being, but also tie people together, sometimes literally.  Anyway, I think she's a great artist, so if you are not familiar with her, I'd recommend looking her up (maybe in an actual library or something..).


get zapped said...

Thought-provoking, eye-popping.

kristen schaffer said...

She really challenges the uses for art and the people that will be effected.