Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Amazing sculpture work

Brian Dettmer makes these amazing sculptures out of cassette tapes: They're skeletons. They're meticulous and jaw-droppingly detailed; but beyond that, they have incredibly interesting implications for the metaphorical death of analog media.

So that's just one sample, but I highly recommend you scroll through all his work.

He also has done these exquisite book autopsies. They are such an amazing new interpretation of book arts -- and so, again, meticulous. I am obsessed with them. Could someone send this along to Mare Blocker?


Hannah said...

This is insane. I love the idea behind taking one object and making it into another. I wonder what the process is to melt the cassette tapes and then molding them into these sculptures...
Also, even though it's a small note, that the artist uses different color tapes on different parts of the skeleton for cultural accuracies.

Excaliborn7 said...

The cassette skull sculptures are beautiful and the craftsmanship and detail is mind-blowing. I would like to own one. But a little bit I feel like you seen one you seen them all. The book autopsies are out of this world. Really mesmerizing. It's nice how it takes a an object that in most ways is perceived in 2-d (the book's pages), and makes it really tangible and spatial in 3-d.