Monday, September 28, 2009

Impromtu Perfromances

I'm sure most people have seen this commercial/video but the "I Gotta Feeling" video that Ben posted really reminded me of it. People--in this case T-Mobile advertisers--make lots of preparation to achieve one sole performance. I want to experience something like this so bad. Is this an example of art as a demonstration of social behaviors?


Sidney said...

This one might be better:

Excaliborn7 said...

I don't think I'd call this is a great example of art as a demonstration of social behavior, but I would say it's a creative action event that builds in some ways on the practice of performance art and "happenings." It hi-jacks a seemingly routine moment and makes it suddenly extraordinary, and it has the new age element of flash mob organization. Even if it isn't actually a flash mob (which in this case it's not), the ability to organize larger groups in public places has become easier, and that has changed the effect of these kinds of gestures. I think the key now is how can this be advanced upon. We've seen a half dozen or so of these great sudden group dances in train stations and prisons and foodcourts and such.
I actually think the Black Eyed Peas vid that the Quebecois group made this week-end maybe kind of took it somewhere. They gave the world a fairly fresh product and I think that's why they were successful. Their work went viral for good reason.
A. It was good.
B. It involved a lot of people
C. All the people involved seemed excited as hell...did you see their energy at the end?