Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Inner Life of a Cell

Click here. Click "Watch the video: [high]"

This video is a giant leap in science, technology, and how we view the use of video for both entertainment purposes and educational purposes. The Inner Life of a Cell depicts the workings of our body to the extent of one single cell. Once I saw this video, it was hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that there are millions and billions (etc) of these movies going on, simultaneously! The ability to depict the workings of a cell gives us the ability to expand our understanding of biology, the human body, and the world in general.
The question that rang with me as I finished watching this the third time is, if there are organisms smaller than us, and seemingly more complex, than are we just the inner life of something else's cell?

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Excaliborn7 said...

Stunning to watch this. It's so visually beautiful and fluid...and at the same time you can't help but consider how it depicts real things going on inside your cells - by the billions simultaneously (as Hannah reminds us!) The type of thing that can really make you think. Cool post.