Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chad Hagen's Infographics

I love the illustrations of Chad Hagen. I'm really into infographics, attempting to convey a concept through data in a visually innovative manner. Hagen's are self-proclaimed nonsensical exercises, so they lack a literal concept. However, they're really beautiful to look at. He really has a strong sense of color and scale. In the image above I especially love the overlapping nature of all the transparent graphics leading to a big cluster of images. It doesn't matter what the "data" is supposed to show, the viewer can grasp from the image that a diverse (in color, scale) but related (in shape) group of items are closely interwoven and intimately effecting each other.

I want to take some hard economic data (USA's GDP, AIG's exec bonuses, the % change of property in different regions/socio-economic areas) and convey it in large prints and motion graphics. What do you guys think about this? Too obtuse? I need some feedback because I'm too into it to be objective.

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