Monday, September 28, 2009

Humans vs. Nature

I don't know how the grounds crew around Whitman campus would feel about this happening here, but I think it would make for a good project that involves any participants. We could set up a course or something for people to follow and help create a design of our making. video


Excaliborn7 said...

I love this so much it breaks my heart. What a great concept, performance, and time speed video. This doesn't remind me of humans vs. nature however. I don't think this gesture suggests that the people and the ground are at odds. To me this is more about the repetition of patterns distilled, the reality that we mark the world all day anyway, so why not focus it? make it obsessive, show it at warp speed...but make the outcome a symbol of infinity sign, a perfect star...that refined result is crucial to the transformative effect of the project. Great stuff.

Zoey said...

This is so great. I have never seen anything like this done before. I agree that it is sort of an art expression of how humans make their mark on the world everyday. This piece is just focusing in on a certain spot, and exemplifying the mark we make. I think this would be a really cool project to pursue here at Whitman!