Thursday, September 24, 2009

Free Hugs

This video shows a man giving free hugs. Another man joins him, challenging the his gesture. There are many great responses from pedestrians and the result is intriguing.


Sydney said...

I have actually seen someone do this before at a fair. However he was wearing a costume. It is interesting to see how people's responses change base on whether or not hes wearing a costume. But I think this is a very interesting/kind gesture, however people are uneasy around such a gesture because I believe we as Americans are somewhat closed off to touchy-feely kinds of things

ejannar said...

I love how conflicted this video made me feel. I was so annoyed with the man who was charging for hugs but at the same time I felt like he was doing it to make some point (?) and couldn't possibly be the asshole he seemed to be. It also angered me to see people actually pay him (maybe they felt sorry for him?) rather than get the free hugs... I had never really thought about the Free Hugs idea as more than something that makes people uneasy but this video really brought up new thoughts about it.